Sports Bucket List

Last week, while watch Duke and North Carolina take it down to the wire on the basketball court, I remarked on social media that attending that game is on my ‘sports bucket list,’ with the game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, of course.

That, of course, got me thinking – what is on my sports bucket list? I have been fortunate to have covered a few things previously on it:

The Daytona 500

Multiple SEC football Championships

The College World Series

Plus, when you factor in having gone to the World Series twice, it’s not a bad start.

Still, there are items still on the list in no particular order:

1. The Indy 500. Now, while NASCAR may be on the top of my list of favorite motorsports, I see myself as a racing junkie, more or less. Sure, the viewpoints at The Brickyard may not be great, but few things match the race’s pageantry.

2. Wrigley Field, in the afternoon. Watch any game on TV with the Cubs at home, and it just has that feel of being back in time, in an era before sterilized ballparks with all of their bells and whistles.

3. Hockey up North. One thing I regret that never really came about during the Thrashers’ tenure in Atlanta was the unbridled passion for the sport as seen in other markets. Seeing a game in the arena of an ‘Original Six’ team like Chicago or Detroit when its a pivotal late-season or postseason game would be an incredible thing to be apart of.

4. Lambeau in December. Packers fans love their team, and it seems to be an even more fun place to be when its cold and snowy.

5. The Baseball Hall of Fame, preferably when Maddux, Glavine or Smoltz are indcucted.

6. The Super Bowl, whenever the Jaguars are in it.

7. Fenway Park. Yea, it doesn’t have the same look, but it’s still the old ballyard on Yawkey Way with its unique and close dimensions.

8. Spring Training barnstorming. Spend five days in Florida during Spring Training, going to multiple games each day.

9. The BCS Championship, whenever Georgia plays in it.

10. The British Open. Come on, great golf and an excuse to go across the pond!


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