Pinning could be even bigger for sports brands

I’ll admit, I’ve been slow to take notice of the whole Pinterest craze. But when you get numerous e-mail notifications that yet another person you know is on Pinterest, some of whom you’d least expect, you can’t help but take notice.

My wife, of course, has been big on it – dinner was delayed by a few minutes one night because she had to pin a photo of our dinner she made – believe it or not!

Sports brands have been mostly slow to get in full-gear, but I’d expect that to change here soon – this week, in fact. 

If you’re a fan of baseball, this is one of the greatest weeks of the year, as these words are being used to describe activity from each MLB team – “Pitchers and catchers report.”

With that comes the excitement of a new season and prime opportunities for social media engagement for those brands. Everyone has been waiting feverishly for this time since October, and anything teams push out can drive that even faster.

Things like the first players throwing, shots of gloves and baseballs under the sunsplashed Florida and Arizona settings, get fans’ juices going – opening the door for more engagement on another social media channel. 





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