In racing, like any outdoor event, there is no avoiding the natural elements. Whether its stifling humid heat or that wet stuff coming from the skies, its something that plays a factor.

Make no mistake, working in racing makes it a serious business if you’re involved in it. At times, you live and die by the moment, sweating it out over the rise and fall of a promotional plan, scheduling and promoting events and trying to drum up interest in racing. 

And at times, it is very easy to take it pretty serious, and get worked up on them.

Sadly, it takes tragedies to remind that sometimes, what you do as an individual isn’t too big in the grand scheme. Look, I know its a cliche, but it is.


The biggest thing that stuck out to me was how many times in racing, either as a fan or working, I’ve been at a track waiting out weather, seeing what it would do. Even this past Friday, in the midst of a rough thunderstorm, I had to make a mad dash to my car.

With racing events starting in the late afternoon, you learn to deal with late afternoon storms. 

Somehow, feeling down about races being rained out due to weather seems rather trivial at a time like this. 





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