Burger King’s golden opportunity

If you were close to anything social media-wise Monday, it’s a pretty safe bet that you heard about Burger King’s twitter account being hacked and instantly rebranded with McDonald’s likenesses with some rather colorful and unflattering tweets being sent out from the fast-food chain’s official twitter account. 

Like most social media events, attempts at humor by those across the twitterverse became part of the story.


But going forward will be the most intriguing part of the the BK crisis. It’s a safe bet Burger King wasn’t on as many individual’s social media radar on Monday morning. This crisis changed that with a very quick rise in followers. It’s funny…a crisis like this grows your audience whereas an ill-timed tweet for other brands does the exact opposite. 

Burger King now has a captive audience and all eyes are on it. Going nearly four hours after the hacking to release a statement certainly raised some eyebrows at first. 

Bottom line – all eyes are on Burger King now within Twitter – there’s a golden opportunity to turn a negative to positive. It’ll sure be interesting to see if it propels the BK brand into a greater prominence that it could have envisioned. 




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